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Private Label Service

What do we do?

We are an experienced, professional food broker team providing service to both food producers and buyers by selling to all tiers of the food chain.  

Direct Supply

We work directly with global suppliers to eliminate extra fees.

International Compliance

We work closely with our manufacturers to comply with all documentation requirements and product registration.

Best Prices

We offer competitive ocean freights, road and rail transportation to facilitate effective conveyance of cargo.

Full Project Management

We procure, coordinate and monitor shipments directly from manufacturing facilities.

Things to Know About JR and Son

Procure from 50+ Countries

JR and Son take pride in presenting to you its collection of food and beverage specialties from across the globe.   Taking care of the product quality by examining it in every step of the import & export process is key to deliver the best.

20+ Product Catagories

By providing our clients with an extensive range of product categories, we not only serve them with premium quality products.

Delivers in 10+ Counties

JR and Son proudly continues to win its customer's hearts  with a robust supply chain management system.  The team members assure that they do not fall back on the commitments they make to the customers.

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